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Looksee Looksee - April Menu

Tea & Australian Nuts Pairing!

We just got back from some travelling and we brought home with us some fresh nuts from Australia to pair with the new April tea selections.
1. Himalayan Shangri-La Tea (White Tea) - paired with Raw Almonds
2. Jasmine Pearl (Green Tea) - paired with Salted Pistachios
3. BOP (Black Tea) - paired with Dry Roasted Almonds
4. Organic Rooibos  - paired with Raw Hazelnuts
Teas are available hot or cold, depending on your preference.
These teas are limited edition and are not available for sale at this point. But you're welcome to check out our Inspired collection


At Looksee Looksee you'll find titles curated by the top thought leaders across Singapore's creative industries such as F&B, art and design as well as a selection teas and tea accessories for sale! 
Tea service at Looksee Looksee operates on a gratuity basis only. We depend on your generosity to keep the tea salon going! 
We hope to see you #looksee2 soon!
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