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Looksee Looksee - December Menu

Tea & Cookie butter pairing!

For the month of December, in collaboration with Poppy & Co. and to bring more Christmas spirit to your tea time, we have carefully paired our teas with everyone's favourite Speculoos Cookie Butter! 

Poppy and Co.'s Speculoos Cookie Butter pairs amazingly well with our selected teas, including our Christmas blends, great at any time of the day and best of all ... you can even eat it on its own! Go ahead, try our pairings!

1. Single-estate tea: Jasmine Pearl (Coming soon online)

2. Blended tea: Peach Green (Christmas blend #001)

3. Blended tea: Caramel Vanilla tea (Christmas blend #002)

4. Tisane: Classic Chamomile (Coming soon online)

5. Inspired tea: Caramel Macchiato



At Looksee Looksee you'll find titles curated by the top thought leaders across Singapore's creative industries such as F&B, art and design as well as a selection teas and tea accessories for sale! 

Tea service at Looksee Looksee operates on a gratuity basis only. We depend on your generosity to keep the tea salon going! 

We hope to see you #looksee2 soon!

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