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Looksee Looksee - January Menu

Tea & Butter Cookie pairing! 

As Lunar New Year falls in January this year, we have decided to choose one of our favourite New Year snack item - Butter Cookie - as our tea pairing item. We, at A.muse Projects BAKE-ed the butter cookies with love. If you love our butter cookies, you should try our tea-infused pineapple tarts we have been baking for the last few Lunar New Years. 
1. Single-estate tea: Tie Guan Yin (Unroasted)
2. Blended tea: Earl Grey
3. Inspired tea: Sangria Punch Tea
4. Inspired tea: Noir Tea (Caffeine-free)


At Looksee Looksee you'll find titles curated by the top thought leaders across Singapore's creative industries such as F&B, art and design as well as a selection teas and tea accessories for sale! 
Tea service at Looksee Looksee operates on a gratuity basis only. We depend on your generosity to keep the tea salon going! 
We hope to see you #looksee2 soon!

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