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Looksee Looksee - November Menu

Tea & Marmalade pairing!

For the month of November, we have chosen to tie-up with local brand Straits Preserves to bring you tea and marmalade. 

Marmalades are made locally using only fresh produce from the region. Straits Preserves was awarded The World's Best International Marmalade for its original preserves made with tropical fruits and spices. If you are curious how the pairing turns out, be sure to stop by Looksee Looksee - a tea salon and reading room by The Lo & Behold Group - this November to try them! We're also open on Saturdays afternoons.

Pairing: Tea & Marmalade
Marmalades by Straits Preserves

1. Single-estate tea: Tung Ting (Oolong)

2. Inspired tea: Rose Moscato Tea (Alcohol-inspired Tea)

3. Inspired tea: Sauvignon Tea (Wine-inspired Tea)

4. Inspired tea: Noir Tea (Wine-inspired Tea) Caffeine-free


Straits Preserves Uses the best ingredients they can find from local suppliers and try to bring out the best of their flavours by preserving them in small batches. 

The produce comes from different regions throughout the year and there are often subtle variations in flavour and appearance, so if you try two preserves made a few months apart you may notice they are not exactly the same. This goes against the general idea of processing food to be consistently identical year after year and we rather like that. If some years are sunnier than others, we think you should be able to taste it and enjoy it.


At Looksee Looksee you'll find titles curated by the top thought leaders across Singapore's creative industries such as F&B, art and design as well as a selection teas and tea accessories for sale! 

Tea service at Looksee Looksee operates on a gratuity basis only. We depend on your generosity to keep the tea salon going! 

We hope to see you #looksee2 soon!

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