Set: Inspired Tea Gift – A.muse Projects
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Set: Inspired Tea Gift

(Option 1)
Wine-inspired Tea Gift Set
Riesling Tea
Sauvignon Tea
Chardonnay Tea
Noir Tea
Merlot Tea
Cabernet Tea
(2 servings each)
+ 1 Bamboo Tea Spoon
+ 1 Tea Hook Infuser

(Option 2)
Alcohol & Coffee-inspired Tea Gift Set
Scotch Tea
Pina Colada Tea
Rose Moscato Tea
Sangria Punch Tea
Caramel Macchiato Tea
Dark Choc Mocha Tea
(2 servings each)
+1 Bamboo Tea Spoon
+1 Tea Hook Infuser
  • Ingredients: Please refer to individual products for ingredients
  • Brewing Notes: Please refer to individual product for brewing notes
  • Shelf-Life: Best consumed within 1 year of purchase
  • Packaging Dimensions: 6 tins + 1 Bamboo Tea Spoon + 1 Tea Hook Infuser packaged in a Box (kraft material) 17cm*10cm*6.5cm