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Mom's Time-out
Mom's Time-out
Mom's Time-out

Mom's Time-out

A special caffeine free, herbal blend created for Mother's Day.

Just because.
Moms need to set time aside to connect with themselves. Time-out to get rested mentally, physically and spiritually. Only with time-outs, moms are able to be happier and have more energy, love, joy and patience to give to their families.
This herbal blend is created with moms in mind. Herbal blend to keep moms company during their time-out, their personal time and space to unwind and to reconnect with themselves.
Ingredients create a calming, soothing and nourishing blend for moms.
Tasting notes: Floral, fruity, herby, lemony and sweet. 
  • Ingredients: Lemon verbena, raspberry leaf, jasmine flowers, rose petals and natural fruit flavouring
  • Brewing Notes: steep for 4 minutes at 100°C. 1g/100ml
  • Serving: Per tea-tube approx. 3 servings (total min. 6 servings)
  • Shelf-Life: best consumed within 1 year of purchase