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Inspired Tea

BREW brings you something just a little different from the usual tea blends - Inspired Teas. Inspired Teas include Alcohol, Wine and Coffee Inspired blends.

Through BREW, we want you to have the best of all worlds where tea serves as a palette upon which the different worlds collide. We bring together the soothing qualities of tea and the much-celebrated flavors, from coffee to wine, to create the unforgettable blends you will ever know.

Some of our teas are perfect for making ice tea: the Pina Colada blend is caffeine-free and naturally sweet due to the presence of dried fruit pieces. Ideal to sweeten your afternoon tea without the calories.

If you're into baking, our Inspired Teas can be incorporated into your recipes of cheesecakes and cookies easily. Rumor has it, they also work well as a mixer for cocktails... but don't take our word for it. Try it yourself!