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Planning for Christmas?

You've landed on the perfect page.

Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing great gifts ideas which you'd want to get for your friends, family, loved ones and even yourself.

Be sure to check in here regularly!


The first and must have would be our newest product launch!

1) 100% Natural Handmade Tea Soap - Riesling Tea

Infused with our signature and best selling Wine-inspired Tea blend. Elevate your cleansing ritual with our luscious and moisturizing soap bar. Ingredients used in the creation of this nourishing soap bar is 100% natural with only the good stuff. Read more here.

2) Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Flask 

Will this finally be the perfect flask for hot and cold tea brews on the go? A stainless steel flask with a nifty tea infuser and double vacuum wall keep your drink hot / cold for hours to come! Read more here.

3) Wooden Gift Box  

A simple and elegant wooden gift box perfect for gifting. Fits 2x 30g Tea Tin nicely or a Tea Tin and Riesling Tea Soap Bar! See more here

4) Travel Tumbler Stainless Steel

A sleek travel tumbler for all beverages. Double vacuum tumbler to keep your beverage as delicious as you like them. See more here

5) 100% Natural Tea Salt Scrub - Potpourri and Isle of Calm

Elevate your cleansing ritual with our exfoliating tea-infused salt Scrub. Exfoliate with all the goodness for glowing, smooth, and soft skin. Infused with our tea blends for added healing properties. See more here - Potpourri Tea Salt Scrub and Isle of Calm Tea Salt Scrub

 Updated: 19 November 2020