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If you love tea or have that one friend who loves tea, why not take your journey with tea to the next level by creating your personalised blend?

(1) Select which base you'd like to be the hero for your blend e.g. Green Tea; and
(2) Select botanicals (Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Fruits) which you would like to include in your blend and you're done! 
Our tea ladies will then work our magic to help you work out the right formulation / proportion of base and botanical(s) chosen to create a balanced blend!
If you have any special requests e.g. make it fruitier or more floral, you'll be able to indicate in notes segment and we'll take note accordingly!
P.S. We have paired botanicals with each base based on our experience of flavour pairing. As such, please do not worry about how flavours will match up as we'll tweak the proportion (botanicals : base) accordingly.