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Formosa Oriental Beauty

Formosa Oriental Beauty

Produced in Xinzhu county, Taiwan, and is known as the champagne of oolongs. It is the most famous oolong produced in Taiwan.

This tea is only harvested once a year at the end of the summer after it has been bitten by the leafhoppers. The leafhoppers nibble of the leaves starting the oxidation process and it helps to "release" the aroma of sweet peaches and honey.

It's oxidation is approximately 60% and has a floral aroma. Its liquor is amber brown and gives the taste of ripe fruits and honey. The tea is smooth and mellow.

  • Ingredients: Formosa Oriental Beauty (Oolong)
  • Brewing Notes: Steep 3 mins @ 90C; 1 gram / 100ml
  • Shelf-Life: Best consumed within 1 year of purchase

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