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The Story of A.Muse Projects

A.muse Projects is a Singapore specialty tea company inspired by the simple beauty and subtle elegance of tea.

Angela Phua, founder of A.muse Projects
As told by the founder, Angela Phua: “…I’ve always drunk tea as a source of comfort. It’s something to keep me going through lectures, mugging sessions in the library and late nights before finals. But all this while I've only been exposed to common blends such as ... earl grey, chamomile or ... Chinese teas from restaurants. So I left my job and began to learn more about tea. That was when I realised what we... have been missing out on. It's so simple yet complex at the same time. I wanted to share it with my family and friends and that was when I thought to myself, why limit the sharing...? That's what inspired me to start A.muse.”

Debuting in 2013, A.muse Projects has steeped itself into the minds of tea lovers as a local brand to watch. No bubble tea here for this Capitalist who blends passion with business. The former banker's love of the leafy brew has brought her far, from pop-up to retail supplier. Now moving into edibles, the first tins of tea-infused pineapple tarts were wiped out for the CNY, with pre-orders for 2017 already coming in. Promoting tea appreciation and approachability as an entrepreneur hasn't been easy, but Angela breaks into a smile whenever she conducts appearances and watch participants become happy converts.
{A beautiful write-up of our local tea lady Angela by Morgan Awyong for @FutureOfMeSG}
“Tea inspires, Inspired teas .” – A.muse Projects
The thing that most sets BREW apart from other specialty tea labels is its Inspired range of teas. BREW currently has three collections of Inspired teas – alcohol-inspired teas, coffee-inspired teas and wine-inspired teas. The alcohol-inspired collection comes in four alcohol-free blends that subtly recreate the flavours of Rose Moscato, Sangria Punch and a few others, while java lovers will take to coffee-inspired options such as dark chocolate mocha tea and caramel macchiato tea and wine lovers can look to wine-inspired blends such as Riesling, Sauvignon and Merlot.
BREW aims to allow tea lovers to have the best of all worlds where tea serves as a palette upon which the different worlds collide. They bring together the soothing qualities of tea and its much-celebrated flavors, from cocktails to coffee, to create the most unforgettable blends one will ever know. Single-estate teas are also available. 
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