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Wholesale Teas in Singapore - A.Muse Projects

We are always thrilled to expand our network of partners who share our passion for tea.

Through our wholesale tea business service, we supply hotels, restaurants, cafés and offices in Singapore with our tea leaves and tea leaves in teabags.

We offer attractive prices across our Inspired Tea and Blended Tea range. What's more, we're also the sole local official distributor of Prana Chai.

If you're looking for something unique to your establishment, we are more than happy to offer custom blending services. 

A.Muse Projects Custom Order A.Muse Projects Tea Blending Workshop

The benefits of partnering with us are many:

    • Custom blending;
    • Customisation of tea experience;
    • Tea training;
    • Tea-food menu consultancy;

    and many more...

    Contact us here to schedule a meet-up and we'll respond and arrange for a convenient time to meet and sample some teas together. 

    To find out more about where our teas are currently being served and sold, please check out this page.

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