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Asian Sunset (Blend #0002)
Asian Sunset (Blend #0002)

Asian Sunset (Blend #0002)

A white tea blend inspired by glowing sunsets.

In Asia, we are no stranger to breathtaking sunsets. This blend is inspired by the warm golden glows of sunsets in Asia. The warm golden glows are recreated in a cup through blending of ingredients with Asian roots - Himalayan Shangri-la white tea and jasmine petals. This blend is refreshing and soothing at the same time, perfect transitional tea blend to help one ease out of a hectic day schedule to a calmer night.

  • Ingredients: Himalayan Shangri-la white tea, jasmine petals, red and pink rose petals
  • Brewing Notes: Steep 3~4 mins @ 90C; 1 gram / 100ml
  • Shelf-Life: Best consumed within 1 year of purchase