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Free local shipping for all orders above SGD50!
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Pure Tea

Pure tea refers to any tea that comes from only one tea estate or garden. 

Through BREW, we at A.muse Projects aim to re-introduce & re-educate tea drinkers about single estate teas in their true and purest form – allowing one to experience the unique flavors created by each tea estate.

In the words of Mary Lou & Robert J. Heiss, “Single-estate teas are the “single-malt Scotches” of the tea world – unblended.”

We carefully source our pure teas from the best estates in the world. Our collection includes tea from China, Japan, India and many more.

Our teas are available in loose tea packagings of 10g, 30g or 50g. We also supply to cafés, restaurants and corporate clients - Po at The Warehouse Hotel is one of many places who serves pure teas from our collection in Singapore.