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4 Myths About Tea Capsules

We're mindful about this topic, and that's why we use the same high quality loose leaf tea that we use in our regular blends for the Tea Pods. The manufacturing process takes place in Singapore so followed the process closely to ensure quality is maintained.

Teapod Myth #2: You need to clean your Nespresso machine

Tea Pods are designed to be easy and convenient, and that means your Nespresso machine needs no special attention before or after using them. Just open, insert the Tea Pod, and press the button.

Tea Pods Myth #3: Coffee machines can't make good tea

Actually, Nespresso and Nespresso Compatible machines are very good because pressure and water temperature are always constant. After some research, this has allowed us to discover the perfect teas and grammage to give you the best possible cup of tea, every time.

Tea Pods Myth #4: Capsules are a waste!

Tea is a natural product, and we can't imagine contributing to the destruction of the very hand that feeds us. That's why Tea Pods are 100% compostable! No special machines needed, just throw them in your garden (with the tea leaves inside) and let it become fertilizer. The individual wrapper is recyclable, and our mailer bag is 100% compostable too.

Try Teapods. With our welcome offer, you can receive 6 capsules for only $9.90, with free shipping included! Shop now:

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