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All-time favourite herbal remedy all around the world - Chamomile

We just received our latest batch of botanicals from Fayoum, Egypt and it reminded us of all the goodness we get from herbal 'teas', especially chamomile!

Chamomile Tea Herbal Caffeine Free

In one of our older post, we did a botanical spotlight on the all-time favourite herbal remedy all around the world, chamomile. Be sure to check out the post to learn more about all the goodness chamomile brings.

Did you know there are several different types of chamomile flowers? There's German chamomile, Roman chamomile and Egyptian chamomile - which is our latest our latest batch of chamomile! Egyptian chamomile is native to the Nile River and is often considered to be the highest-grade in the world!

Egyptian chamomile is also known as yellow chamomile - wild chamomile. They have large flower heads and are extremely fragrant! They brew up a deep-yellow liquor and has tasting notes of natural honey sweetness and hints of ripe green apples! You'd get plenty of flavours even after having steeped them 3 times!

You'd be happy to learn that Egyptian chamomile is great for the common cold, inflammation, sore throat and of course help soothe stress and anxiety. Read more about benefits of Chamomile here.

Anytime you need a dose of natural chill pill, be sure to reach out for a cup or pot of chamomile!

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