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Why we love our tea salt scrubs

Goodness of salt for our skin Salt is known as an a great exfoliant which helps softens and smoothen our skin, gets rid of dry flakiness, and also infuses our skin from the outside with vitamins and minerals. 

 It's said that our bodies contain same minerals and nutrient concentration as sea as such the minerals present in natural sea salt such as pink Himalayan salt can help restore and balance our body when we’re feeling achy, dry-skinned or run down. Adding sea salt to cleansing routine is said to help boost hydration and strengthen our skin’s moisture.

Our tea salt scrub is the perfect natural exfoliant with all the goodness from salt nutrients, specifically from all-natural pink Himalayan sea salt - one of the purest salt on earth and Epsom salt - muscle-soothing because of the high level of magnesium they contain. Salt scrubs encourage circulation and aid skin detoxification.

In addition, Argan oil which we use in our salt scrub is extremely nourishing and has anti-inflammatory properties. It allows for the scrubs to glide over your skin without being harsh on your skin especially in sensitive areas. Botanicals such as Lavender / Chamomile etc. added in the scrub also provides additional healing abilities!

How to use As a general guideline, begin by using once a week then gradually increase to 2-3 times per week. Create a steam room like effect in your shower. Shower as usual before applying your scrub, that way you retain all the oils and mineral goodness. Scoop out a little on your hand, and gently scrub your skin. Give more care and attention to dry areas like your elbow and feet. Rinse off and pat dry.

Check out our Natural Tea Salt Scrubs Potpourri and Isle of Calm We recreated the scents of our herbal blends in our salt scrub by infusing the herbal blends as well as pure essential oils. One-of-a-kind salt scrubs.

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