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Morning (Tea) Routine

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It's been said that mornings are a critical time to develop your mindset for the day and plan your schedule. What's your thought on this?

What I love most about being an entrepreneur is that I get the freedom to decide and dictate my work schedule, specifically no 8-5 or 9-5 hours but of course that means more erratic working hours e.g. late nights and / or weekends, but we leave that for another time.

I love to start my work morning at home, for the first couple of hours. This allows me to get my inbox to zero (or close enough), work on strategic matters, and work on this blogpost without being interrupted by operational / blending matters. But what's most important part of my morning routine is my first cup of drink for the day - my morning tea. 

First beverage of the day
For many, the first cup of beverage would be water or juice or coffee (of course). My first cup of the day will always be tea. It could very well be true that I live to drink tea. 

What Tea & Why
95% of the time I'd reach out for a cuppa of black tea in the morning. Does it give me more caffeine-boost? I would like to think it gives me that caffeine-boost given all the studies that indicates that black tea contains caffeine than e.g. green tea / oolong. But apart from the caffeine factor, I think the other factor that draws me to reach out for black tea in the morning would be the mouthfeel of the black teas I choose to consume in the morning - full bodied with some acidity. 

Black Tea Recommendation 
I personally love single estate teas because there's so much flavours to sipping on them. So if you're like myself, love to explore single estate teas (also known as pure teas) flavours - I'd recommend the following Keemun, Lapsang Souchong, or Pekoe! If blends are your cup of tea, perhaps our classic Breakfast Brew or Earl Grey would be something you'd prefer. 

We have something for everyone to enjoy first thing in the morning or throughout the day. Do share with me your morning (tea) routine and if you've got any personal favourites, would love to hear them! 

Angela (Your local tea lady)
Steeping Tea, Sipping Life

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