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5 teas we loved in July

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We've put together a list of our favourite teas in July: with so many teas to choose from, we know how hard it is to make a decision! 

1. Silver Needle (Single Estate - White Tea)

This tea can only be gathered in a handful of days in early Spring as it is made with shoots that have not opened yet.  July is the perfect month to enjoy it because of its mild sweetness and nutty flavor.  If you like white tea but prefer blends, you can opt of our most loved Riesling tea from our Inspired collection or one of our newer blends, Asian Sunset. 

2. Genmaicha (Single Estate - Green Tea)

Also called "Popcorn Tea" because of the toasted rice flavour, this tea is very commonly drank in Japan.  It is made by blending unpolished brown rice with tea.  It's perfect on its own, as a relaxing drink.

3. Tie Guan Yin (Single Estate - Oolong)

Also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy, a very special tea from the Miaoli County of Taiwan. It's a half-fermented tea, roasted on charcoals following the traditional method of processing tea.  The fresh woody aroma is perfect to keep us going through grey afternoons at work.

4. Breakfast Brew (Blended - Black Tea Base)

This blend of Ceylon, Indian and Chinese tea is the perfect energy kick you need to start your day.  It goes well with milk and sugar as well as on its own. 

5. Pina Colada Tea (Inspired - Tisane)

With notes of hibiscus, pineapple, apple and honeybush - our July favourite was definitely this Pina Colada blend. Inspired by Puerto Rico's official beverage, a rum based cocktail, it's a taste of beach holidays in a cup of tea. Did we also mention that it's caffeine-free?    

What tea did YOU enjoy the most in July? Tell us on Instagram. 

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