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Meet Dirty Earl

Have you heard before of Dirty Chai or tried it before? Dirty Chai is a popular drink commonly served in cafes. It consists of a shot of espresso mixed into chai latte (Prana Chai). 

Today we tried a variation of it - Dirty Earl. We added an espresso shot into our Earl Grey Latte made with our Nespresso Machine. You would have thought it'd be a weird combination, Earl Grey and coffee, you'd be pleasantly surprised! The bergamot notes linger nicely while savoring the roasting coffee notes! Our yin-yang version!

What you will need
Nespresso Machine (Needless to say)
Milk approx.130ml ~ 150ml  (I used Meiji)
Honey or vanilla syrup (optional)
Tea: Pop your Earl Grey Tea Pod into the machine, hit the espresso button two or three times depending on how intense you'd like your Earl Grey flavor to be.
Milk: Froth up your milk (optional) 
Coffee: Pop your coffee capsule into the machine, hit the espresso button once
Pour milk into tea, add coffee espresso shot into the tea-milk combo and add honey or vanilla syrup if you like it slightly sweetened and you're done!
Enjoy your home-made quick and delicious Dirty Earl!
Till next time,
Angela (Your local tea lady)
Pro Tip: If you enjoy a really intense earl grey flavor, cold brew your milk with earl grey tea overnight and use the flavored milk as your base for the earl grey latte!

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