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Are Tea Pods going to kill loose leaf tea brewing?

With the launch of our latest product - Tea Pods, the last few weeks has been nothing short of exciting. We are extremely thrilled to see many are as excited as us about our Tea Pods and embracing them with wide open arms!

At our most recent two public events, we couldn’t be happier to see and hear the ‘wowS’ our customers exclaim after having discovered our Tea Pods and some even exclaiming (excuse our language) ‘About bloody time!’. Having seen first hand the positive reactions and feedback from our customers and fellow tea geeks, we are extremely humbled!

During the one and half year when we spent discussing, debating and experimenting, the biggest question which we had anticipated many might ask or have already asked us -

Why brew tea in the form of a pod instead of loose tea?”

our response is simple:

We aren’t trying to change the way anyone brews tea or having people stop brewing loose tea. We are offering an alternative.

Some enjoy brewing loose tea leaves in Gaiwans / enjoying brewing in tea pots as it brings some peace and it’s a form of a ritual. But there’s also another group who prefers the convenience of brewing up tea bags in a cup as it brings them the convenience of not having to clean up loose tea leaves in tea pots or infusers. Similarly, with our Tea Pods, we are offering tea in a different vessel form - pod. It brings convenience for anyone in a rush or lack of patience to clean up loose tea or wait 3-5mins for a cup of tea with a tea bag. We want to take that one step further to attempt getting hardcore coffee drinkers to try some teas with their machines too. Providing them an alternative beverage with their existing machine at home or office.

We know, understand and appreciate the beauty of the tea leaves, the tea plant, the tea farms and the hard work put in by tea farmers to create and grow amazing teas. We love our loose teas as much as our tea bags and as much as our tea pods. We aren’t looking to change how people drink tea. We are simply offering and providing an alternative vessel for tea for us, for you and anyone. At the end of the day, enjoy and appreciate tea in any form possible at all! ❤️

Tea Leaves

Fresh tea leaves harvested by us.

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