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#amuseprojectstravels to Bangkok, Thailand

Singaporeans love travelling to Thailand for a number of reasons: cheap and good food, extremely affordable massages, beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and ever-growing cafe/coffee scene. I personally am guilty as charged especially for the awesome massage and local food. I would never ever refuse a massage session unless I’ve had two sessions the day before, terrible I know.
Beyond all the goodness mentioned above, in the last year or two, I’ve really started looking forward to visiting Bangkok for a new reason - to check out the local tea scene. No, not our not-so-secret-favourite Thai milk tea, but their specialty and artisanal teas! Some may not be aware but there’s a local tea movement brewing in Thailand. There are a few notable tea houses / cafes to check out in Bangkok and here are some from my recent visit! They are listed in no particular order! What I loved about each of the tea houses / cafes was that each had something unique / different to offer making my tea-house-hopping experience very interesting!
Enjoy visiting them and do let me know what you thought about them!
1. Peace Oriental Teahouse
Peace Oriental Bangkok by A.Muse Projects
Known for specialising in Japanese teas e.g. Matcha, Hojicha, Sencha. 
They do offer other teas e.g. oolong and black teas we well.
It was quite a walk from the BTS station to the location plus the weather was really warm and humid.  I was in desperate need of a cold drink / dessert when I arrived and I could not help but order their Hojicha Extremist - Hojicha ice cream coated with black charcoal, flash freezed and served with a side of sticky rice! It was definitely perfect treat in the weather! 
2. The Orange’s Tea
I had previously met sweet Chanya (owner) in Singapore and when I learnt that she had opened a tea room of her own, I had to visit! I loved how quaint and cosy her little space was. She serves up a wide range of single estate teas (pure teas) as well as blended teas. But what I loved most was her nitro fresh brews! I'm mad in love with her Nitro Hipster Moroccan and savouring it in my memories! Absolutely refreshing and flavourful. Also made me feel like I was sipping a beer! 
3. Te Time and Space
I’ve long heard about @thetepot in the tea scene in Thailand and I’ve previously gone to different retail shops to try their teas prior to my last trip. I were super thrilled to find out that they had recently just opened up a tea house of their own in Thong Lor! Te Time and Space is a 3-storey space with workshop space and tea bar at the 3rd level. You will be able to see them brewing up fresh teas for you at the tea bar. If you are feeling up for a chat, sit at the bar to chat the lovely couple (Nanthida Ratanakul and Nattakit Udomsrirat) who started Te! I was very fortunate to have met them and had a chance to chat about Thailand’s tea industry and I am extremely envious of how they have access to a world of herbs grown locally in Thailand! I ordered an iced version of their midsummer dream and it was absolutely tangy and refreshing! Loved the colour of the drink too. Perks one’s mood up immediately!
P.S. either take a cab or tuktuk over as it’s a fairly long walk to the nearest BTS station. We took about 25mins to walk back to the BTS.
4. Seven Suns - Energy Tea Lounge
Serves up a wide range of tea selection but Matcha is their signature! 
I took awhile to find this place as Google Maps was taking me all over the place. But you’ll be rewarded with a solid good Matcha when you finally find the place!
Oh, did I mention there's free wifi available?

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