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Behind The Scene (BTS): Create Your Own Blend

In case you were wondering how your unique tea or herbal blend is created before it is being sent out, we've taken a few photos to share alittle about the process!


Step 1:

You decide on your base - tea or herbal as well as the botanicals! You give it a name and share any particular blending notes you'd like your tea lady to take note e.g. you'd like it to be more floral or less spices etc. It's your blend, you decide! Go ahead and place your order.

Step 2:

Your tea lady received your order along with your notes. We'd then go through your ingredient list and create the first trial blend based on your notes and understanding of how the flavours of ingredients chosen will work with one another.

Here's an example of what we've put together based on ingredients chosen. Here we have a herbal blend consisting of: Rooibos, Chamomile, Rose, Lemon Grass, Rose Hip, Cinnamon and Fennel!

Create your own herbal tea blend

Step 3:

We'd apportion out an appropriate amount for brewing and tasting to see how the combination and formulation turns out. Yes, we taste every single blend we create! We recommend 1gram ~ 100ml of water.

create your own herbal or tea blend 2

 Step 4:

We taste the brewed blend and decide if there's any edits we should make e.g. to highlight certain botanicals or go light on certain others. If there are edits, we'd repeat the above until we're pleased with one formulation and that would be the blend you had created!

In this instance, we've made a minor tweak to our initial blend choosing to highlight rose alittle bit more and softened up Rooibos to give it a lighter touch to the blend.

And after tasting the tweaked formulation, we're pretty pleased with it! Now, we follow that final formulation and blend up your desired amount e.g. 30grams / 50grams or 100grams and we've successfully helped you with your custom blend!

We hope you enjoyed the simple BTS explanation about how your Custom Blend is created by our tea ladies! We can't wait for more of you to try it out! 

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