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Sri Lanka - Ceylon Tea (Part 1)

Many of you must remember our trip to Sri Lanka last November. Since then, we've been wanting to share more about the amazing tea industry as well as its teas with our fellow tea lovers. As such, in our first efforts, we thought we'd share some background / general information about Sri Lanka Tea Industry with you!

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Enjoy the read!


Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon under the British Colonial Rule, is an Island in the Indian Ocean famous for the production of quality black tea. Tea farming in Sri Lanka is a serious endeavour. The country grows tea under strict and uncompromising methods to ensure high standards of the final product. Since the introduction of tea farming in the 1180s, Ceylon Tea has remained the nation’s leading export and a significant driver of the economy.

Tea production in Sri Lanka

Annually, Sri Lanka produces about 320 million kilograms of tea. Sri Lanka tea accounts for about 19% of global tea exports. The main export destinations include Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Japan, Libya, UAE, and Russia.

The advantages of tea production in Sri Lanka include:

  • Tropical climate convenient to tea farming
  • History of production of high-quality tea
  • Strict tea processing traditions
  • Support from government authorities such as the Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Export Development Board

The Ceylon Tea Logo

Tea production in Sri Lanka Started when the country was under British colonial rule. Soon, the world started recognizing tea from Sri Lanka as one of the finest in the world.

The appearance of the Ceylon Tea logo accompanied by a lion holding a sword became synonymous with quality tea. A lot of care and dedication goes into the production of tea in Sri Lanka.

Even today, years after independence, tea from Sri Lanka bears the Ceylon Tea logo. Only tea grown, processed, and packed in Sri Lanka can bear the Ceylon Tea logo. The strictness is to ensure that the tea conforms to the strict quality standards laid down by the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

For instance, Ceylon Tea cannot be blended with other teas from other parts of the world. Even if a tea is 95% Sri Lankan tea, it cannot be called Ceylon Tea.

Types of teas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans grow different types of tea. Of course, the most famous around the world is the Ceylon Black Tea. However, the country also produces green and white teas. Like the black tea, the white and green teas in Sri Lanka are cultivated under strict processes to ensure quality and a rich taste.

Tea growing regions in Sri Lanka

Tea growing in Sri Lanka is similar to wine-growing in France because it is divided into multiple strictly-defined regions. Each of the seven tea growing regions in Sri Lanka produces tea of a specific character. These Tea Board controls and regulates these tea growing regions, known as districts. A tea processor will only use the name of a specific district when branding if their tea conforms with all the regulations.


and that's all we have for today! Till next time, more on Sri Lanka - Ceylon Teas!

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