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The tea ladies' guide to Christmas gifts

Christmas, Christmas. What’s not to love about the season of pine trees, decorations, Santa Claus and gingerbread cookies? Here’s one downside to it: everyone has everything, and giving gifts to your loved one has never been harder!

The tea ladies and gentleman of A.Muse Projects are coming to the rescue with their smart advice on what to give to the important women (and men!) in your life, based on their lifestyle. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or you can’t understand what’s all the fuss about green teas - we hope you’ll find useful advice to surprise your loved ones this season.

  1. The tea lover who is always buying tea

Signs: she loves travelling to countries based on their tea culture and can never get tired of tea houses. Gets excited at the sight of small packets with foreign characters on it (they probably contain green tea). Half her pantry is made up of tea in different shapes and forms. All of our team probably falls in this category!

She’ll love you when… you get her the limited edition tea advent calendar! Containing over 100 servings of tea of 12 different types wrapped in a matte black packaging, this is the ultimate gift that every tea lover wants to receive!

Get it here:

  1. The woman on the run

Signs: she wears activewear 80% of the times you see her, and she’s always coming or going to a new, trendy type of workout. She’s incredibly fit, and she loves her healthy lifestyle.

She’ll love you when… you get her the durable tumbler! Perfect for making tea, fruit water or herbal tea and keeping it hot (or cold!) most of the day. It’s made of very resistant plastic and it’s the perfect companion to beach workouts, long walks and activity-packed days.

Get it here:

  1. The fashion victim

Signs: she loves fashion and clothes, probably has a subscription to Style Theory and a couple thousand followers on Instagram more than you. She knows good style, and you’re terrified of what she might think of the “wrong” present.

She’ll love you when… you give her one of the Brew infuser bottles! Perfect for keeping drinks cold or hot, and very sleek with its double glass body with details in stainless steel and  bamboo. It’s an accessory that screams “stylish” while allowing you to sip your favourite tea anywhere.

Get it here:

  1. The mom-to-be

Signs: her hair looks beautiful and her maternity pictures are giving you all the feels! You can’t wait to meet the new baby, and you want to give the mom-to-be a nice, thoughtful gift - even when you don’t have a clue of what that means for new moms!

They’ll love you when… you introduce them to Maternitea! The Australian-made herbal tea line has finally debuted in Singapore through our online store. All the recipes are created by professional Naturopaths and Physicians with health in mind.

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