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Your favourite teas of 2018

We've done some research to discover what are Singapore's favourite teas and the results are in! At A.Muse Projects, we take all things tea seriously - and there's nothing that makes us as happy as knowing that our teas are brightening someone's day, somewhere. 

Here is the roundup of the favourite teas of 2018, based on our total sales volume. 

5. Sangria Punch Tea

Inspired to the popular Spanish drink, this blend has reached quite a few of you! With notes of orange, hibiscus, apple and cinnamon and a single origin black tea base, this tea is perfect hot or iced. 

4. Riesling Tea

From our collection of wine-inspired teas, Riesling is one of the most aromatic grape varieties in the world. This white tea is blended with lemongrass, dried apricot pieces and lemon myrtle. We can imagine why it's so loved!

3. Bi Luo Chun

One of the rarest Chinese teas, this is the only pure tea of the top 5! Harvested in the Dongting Mountains, this tea is also called "Green snail spring". Some say, it's great as a base to make kombucha.

2. Asian Sunset

One of our first blends! Inspired to the dreamy sunsets we get to see around the Equator and made with some of the finest Himalayan Shangri-la white tea, this tea looks as good as it tastes. 

1. Rose Moscato Tea 

At the top of the charts for the 3rd year in a row, Rose Moscato is part of our Inspired Collection. A balanced blend that contains pieces of fruits, oolong and zesty flowers. It's no surprise it's your favourite tea of 2018! 

What's your favourite tea? What are your predictions for 2019 and teas? Will we see the Teapods sell more than traditional loose leaf tea?


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