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Why drink pure tea?

pure tea

Pure teas refer to any tea that comes from only one tea estate or garden. Also known as single-estate teas.

In the words of Mary Lou & Robert J. Heiss, “Single-estate teas are the “single-malt Scotches” of the tea world – unblended.”


For those of us who have been around in the world of tea recently, we have taken note that the pure tea (a.k.a single-estate tea) movement is spreading fast in Singapore

How Is Pure Tea Different?

Pure tea (a.k.a single-estate tea) is different from blended tea (e.g. Earl Grey / Breakfast Tea) because pure tea leaves come from only one tea estate or garden while blended teas is a combination of various teas, flowers, herbs and spices. For pure teas, there is nothing added to the leaves and you get to enjoy everything that it has to offer, without the flavours of other “mix-ins” interfering, like as in a blended tea.

Now, if you’re wondering which is better: pure tea or blended tea, the answer comes down to preference. Think of it this way: blended tea is like a good mixed drink or for some, a good cocktail. You get to enjoy the flavours of various teas, flowers, herbs and spices in one, and they combine to create flavour notes that you might not be able to enjoy when drinking a beverage created with just one ingredient.

On the other hand, pure tea (a.k.a single-estate tea) is a pure experience (hence the name), experience the most natural and unique flavours created by each tea estate. Pure teas are also sometimes marked with the name of the teas estate on which they were grown (e.g. Assam Dejoo), allowing you to dig a little deeper to understand and learn about the history of the tea and its growing region.

The Benefits of Pure Tea

Pure tea has many benefits, so there’s no excuse to not add in a cup of tea to your daily regime. To name just a few:

  • Exercise: When consuming tea, studies have found that participants have increased endurance during exercise and have an improved ability to burn fat!
  • Heart: It's been shown in studies that drinking tea regularly can reduce the risk of heart attacks.
  • Antioxidants: Studies and research have shown that antioxidants in tea could help prevent many different kinds of cancers and other body issues.
  • Free Radicals: According to studies, tea helps fight free radicals, which lead to quicker ageing and damage to your DNA.
  • Hydration: Obviously, tea is a great way to get hydrated any time of day and take in a little more water.
  • Parkinson’s: Studies have shown that regular tea drinkers are thought to have a reduced risk of Parkinson’s Disease.
  • UV Protection: Studies have shown that it could be possible for certain things in tea to help protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Diabetes: According to research, tea is possible beneficial to those with Type 2 Diabetes, suggesting that compounds in tea can help them process sugars better.
  • Bones: Tea has been found in studies that drinking tea does improve bone strength and mineral density, leading to better bone health!

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